Ha Long Shipyard delivered RoRo 5612 No.01 to Royal Bahamas DefenceForce.

Updated at 29 Oct 2015, 16:14
On 21st October, Ha Long Shipyard and Damen Group delivered Ro Ro 5612 No.01 to Royal Bahamas Defence Force. The vessel is designed and equipped by the Dutch Damen Group under the supervision of the French register BV.
Thisvessel is also one of four vessels built for the Latin American 

The vessel’s multi-purpose capabilities will be put to use by the
Defence Force in a range of situations including law enforcement, aids to
navigation , replenishment at sea, the re-supply to Defence Force 
bases and the provision of disaster relief throughout the island nation and the
wider Caribbean community.

After delivering Roro 5612 No.01, Ha Long Shipyard continues to sea 
try and deliver remaining Roro 5612 vessels to Venezuela  Clients in the 
fourth quarter of 2015.
Ha Long Shipyard